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Our History 


My leather experience dates back to1968 in the city of Tashkent. Like my two brothers Daniel & Uriel, I grew up watching my grandfather Avraham making leather boots for a top military officer in his leather shop. I loved how my grandfather worked. He was always working on new projects. He was so talented, detail oriented and did everything by hand. I always wanted to be in my grandfathers shop because I enjoyed being surrounded by the smell and the texture of leather every single day. I would dream of opening my own shop and doing what I love to do every day. My two brothers Daniel and Uriel would also come to the shop and learned everything they know from my grandfather Avraham. They are now the master shoemakers in New York City today with over 40 years experience. 


In 1984 after 2 years of servicing the Russian army I opened my first upholstery shop in Russia. I re-designed seats in cars, motorcycles and home furniture with leather vinyl canvas and much more. 


In 1989 I was an immigrant to The United States, but my family and I stayed and lived in Italy for almost a year until we got the green light to enter the United States of America. In Italy I had very good experience with leather crafting and shoe modifications. Italian leather crafters are the best in the world and I learned so many tricks and secrets to make bags, shoes and take care and clean the leather goods. In 1990 I had my first shoe repair shop on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn New York. 1 purchased this store from two old Italian shoemakers John and Joseper. They sold me the store and worked with me and my brother Uriel . Owning this shop was an experience of a lifetime because my brother Uriel, John and Joseper helped me out by sharing their knowledge and talent with me for which I am very grateful. My next shop was on Wall Street in Manhattan. I realized the kind of services and products that people needed were for high end and brand name shoes and bags. My customers were always happy for the speed and the quality of the job done on their goods. 


On 1995 I open the AGO Leather Supply in Queens New York and I was supplying all shoe repair and leather repair shop with leather, rubber and other equipment to make shoes, bags, belts and other leather products. I had over 10,000 items in stock. I was importing leather and rubber products from Italy, France, Brazil, Germany and Mexico. When supplying companies you must know every item in the warehouse and know about your products. I would attend leather shows in several different parts of the world. At the shows you are able to test the leather care items such as new glue, leather tannery products and new machinery. There are thousands of leather care products on the market, but not every one works, it is very important to make sure that the products I purchase are the best. So many simple, natural products make big a world of a difference when finishing or cleaning leather surfaces. In 2001 I married my beautiful wife Olga who already also had a lot of experience in working with leather and furs in Saint Petersburg Russia. Most of Olga's family was involved in the leather and fur business so she has been stitching since 9 years old by learning from her mother Ludmila who was a tailor and designer of ladies dresses and coats and her Aunt Galina who was the best fur designer. She could make anything from fur such as hats, coats and jackets. Later Olga was a graduate of a designer school in Ukraine and started her own business in San-Pitersburg Russia. She is an excellent seamstress with 25 years of experience. In her collection she had beautiful dresses, leather jackets, fur pillows, fur hats and fur coats which were made from mink, fox & rabbit. In 1999 she was invited to New York for a business partnership and she was working with Russian fur designers in Manhattan. 


In 2001 we bought a Dry Cleaning /Leather cleaning shop in Brooklyn, NY where we learned how to clean leather fabric. During this time I attended a cleaning school in Manhattan and received my master class certificate. 


Together my wife and I have are fully loaded with knowledge and experience. We can make any thing from orthopedic shoes, boots, any bags, wallets, belts, briefcase and much more. Our goal is to repair any item to make it look like the original. All stitches in the same stitching holes. 


Today I reside in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with 24 years of experience and I am proudly serving my customers and guarantee my job from start to finish. 

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