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At Shoe Doctor of Fort Lauderdale, FL, we only use top brand materials and leather care products: Vibram, Topy, Toscana, Urad, Supertop, Tacco, Spenco, Italy, Long Life, Tank, 5star and more...


• All jobs are done on premises 

• We have best machinery equipment on premises 

• We have over 1000 different leather skins on premises 

• We have over 1000 different buckles, snaps, rivets and handbag parts on premises 

• We have over 1000 zippers, any color, size, metal, plastic, and nylon on premises 

• We have over 1000 different soles, heels, lifts, tips, and orthopedics on premises 

• We have over 1000 different leather care items on sale on promises. 


We are experts in repairing and refinishing of brand name handbag such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Coach, Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Michael Kors and shoes such as Cole Haan, Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik and more. 


• Rubber Heels

We have all top quality rubber heels with different styles and thicknesses.

We always make sure to recreate the original looks and similar surfaces. 

• English Heels

The combination of leather & rubber heels is named English heels.

• Foam Heels

A very soft and flexible foam rubber will give you comfort and relaxation and make shoes very light but not for long use like hard rubber. 

• Leather Heels

Leather heels are very strong and light especially for dance shoes and cowboy heels build up. 

• Build up

Most worn down heels must be built up with the same original base and then we put new surface heels. 


• Leather Full Soles We buy all of our leather from Italian Importers because Italian leather is the best and we use only a super prime quality, that means these leather soles last three times longer than any other leather soles (only 10% of the whole hide is super prime the rest is prime and lower grade leather) Our leather is Imported from Italy by a company who uses the classic traditional method of ground tanning with pure vegetable tanning agents, a process which takes 12 months to complete. 

• Full Rubber Soles All rubber soles are also Imported from Europe by a well known company " Vibram" We have all styles, sizes and color in stock. 



Most of the time your soles and heels are in good condition but you need to fix the tip with strong leather or rubber tips. Those are the parts that usually wear down first. 

• Metal & Rubber Plates

Metal or rubber plates saves edges on the heels and a tow we mostly recommend to put on new shoes to save original soles and heels. 


• Protective Soles

Protective soles is a very thin but strong and non slip rubber soleguard, mostly recommend for new shoes to protect original soles and increase slip resistance we have all colors black, beige, brown, red, purple, blue, white, and more colors of protective soles for all type of shoes. 


We can change your old insoles to new leather insoles and we will match the color of your original insoles. Also if your heel counter lost a shape or need to re-place or re-cover with a new leather counter. 



• We specialize in cleaning leather, suede, fabric, satin, and any exotic skins. 

• We can clean sneakers, boots, bags, wallets, belts and more. 

• We can re-condition any leather made products and more. 

• We can re-color to any color leather suede and fabric product 

• We can make any shoes, boots, belt, handbag like new 

• We can take any odor out & sanitize your shoes from germs and bacteria. 




We have over 100 different stretchers and machines for high heels, wide soles, insteps or cuff extenders to make your shoes and boots fit you right. We have many secrets to make your shoes comfortable. 




Leather repair is a very delicate job to do. In order to make a perfect finish you have to know many secrets and tricks with leather, because you have to match the color, texture, thickness, softness and style of the leather and match tread and without any extra holes stitch that leather product or most of the time make invisible patch like original look. We can repair any items made of leather, canvas, vinyl, fabric, plastic and more like a handbags, wallets, belts, briefcase, luggage and more. We can re-place handles, buckles, hooks, lucks, magnetic snaps, rivets, zippers, elastics, lace, rings and more, We specializing to repair and re-conditioning brand name bags like Louis Viutton, Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Michael Kors and more. We specializing to repair leather jackets, leather coats, leather pants and re-model any of those item like take in or let them out to bigger size. We can change the lining to any items and more. 

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